November 10, 2012

Life Update. And by Life I mean School.

Hello from Hyperion, the homework-ridden college student's favorite coffee shop! My housemate Tekla and I are deep in thesis mode; I've just written 2 pages on Southern Baptist history and polity, and I needed a break, so here's some things that are happening in my life which you, people of the internet, might be interested in.

First and most excitingly, I got into graduate school! That picture to your left is the main building of University of Groningen, which has offered me a place in its programme in Religion and the Public Domain. So if I want, I can get myself a visa and move to the Netherlands in 8 months' time. This fact keeps popping into my head at inconvenient moments and making me too excited to function.

I am applying to some other schools, plus I have to look into financial aid, so it's not a done deal yet. But it definitely is VERY exciting news.

Meanwhile, life as an undergraduate rolls on. I'm about a third of the way done with my thesis on political theology and voter turn-out; I think I'll spend the afternoon re-learning statistics to crunch the data I collected at campus ministries last week. I've also submitted my proposal for a Women's and Gender Studies thesis on conservative women's blog networks and online entrepreneurship, so that's what I'll be working on next semester with any luck.

I really do like research. If I could just study things and write reports on them for my job I would be completely okay with that. If I could do it without deadlines that would be even better. Maybe? No? Oh well, a girl can dream. Back to work!

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