December 15, 2012

Gay Marriage is cool and the Pope is a Jerk

Every year the Pope gives a message on January 1st for "World Peace Day," which Wikipedia tells me is actually in September, so maybe the pope is just late? I don't know. I didn't actually know about this tradition until we read some of the Pope's statements on global climate change for my eco-theology class. But now this year's statement has come across my radar, too, because it's awful: Pope Benedict is giving his World Peace Day message on the threat that gay marriage poses to peace and justice.

So that's pretty screwed up. Especially given a new study that shows that marriage significantly improves the mental health of same-sex couples.

Meanwhile, Focus on the Family says that gay identities are just a social construct. Technically, he's right, but heterosexual identities are a social construct too, and we let people with them get married, so I don't entirely see his point.

I actually don't have any witty commentary, these articles just made me angry, so I thought I would share before I go back to my typically scheduled being a socially constructed threat to peace and justice.

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