January 1, 2013

Not Really Resolutions

Making actual resolutions is too hard, and I don't really have anything that I feel passionately enough about to resolve to do it other than the things I'm already doing with my life anyway. But here are some things I'd like to do in 2013...

  • Learn more coding. Preferably via cute free online games.
  • Learn more guitar. See above.
  • Return books to the library in a timely manner. This also requires reading them more quickly and not taking a whole semester to get through one fun novel.
  • Oefen nederlands. (That's practice Dutch!)
  • Don't worry about figuring out "What I'm Doing With My Life." I'm graduating, but I don't have to sort the whole rest of my career out by the end of the semester, so I shouldn't let it freak me out!
Wishing everyone lots of adventures and love and excitement in 2013!

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